Our Story

Our Story

- Co-founded in August of 2017 by husband and wife Jenny and Cyrus.

Growing up as kids in Asian families, tea was a way of life. With traditions and customs passed down through generations, tea was something we learnt to appreciate even as children. We grew up drinking tea day and night, and share a passion for tea.

When boba tea shops started popping up in the United States, our initial excitement was soon followed by disappointment. Many of the drinks we tried were made with powdered tea and artificial syrups. Watered down and overly sweet, the flavors of the tea could hardly be tasted. We dreamt of opening up a shop of our own, sharing our love for tea with the world. On August 23rd, 2017, our dream became a reality.

To us, using whole tea leaves is crucial and makes all the difference in flavor and taste. We want to serve a cup of tea smooth and delicious enough to be enjoyed as-is, yet strong and flavorful enough to hold its own when infused into boba milk tea.

At Sinceretea, we craft authentic teahouse quality drinks using ingredients like organic whole tea leaves, sustainably sourced from highland tea estates in Yunnan and Taiwan. We brew our teas fresh in-store daily, discarding the leaves after the first steep in order to ensure the best flavor and consistency. We combine high quality tea with ingredients like seasonal fruits, herbs and juices, crafting our Specialtea mocktails to showcase the versatility of tea. We make nearly everything ourselves from scratch, which allows us to control flavor, quality, and consistency.

Our goals are simple - reuniting cultures, helping broaden tea horizons, bringing an artisanal alternative to the market for tea lovers.

From our cup to yours,
- Sincerely,

Jenny and Cyrus
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