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Here at Sinceretea, we are committed to bringing tea time into our modern lives. Be it at home, on the go, at work, or in our shop, we want our tea to fit into your lifestyle. To satisfy all tea lovers with different preferences, we are re-introducing tea with endless possibilities. We specialize in a variety of different tea-based beverages, from creamy teas, floral teas, and bare teas to our signature Specialteas. We brew our teas daily with the finest organic loose tea leaves and combine them with other high-quality ingredients such as fresh fruits, vegetables, juices, and cream to create each cup of tea. We strive to craft each beverage perfectly for you and provide a tea time experience like no other!


As part of our mission to bring tea time into your lives and satisfy a variety of preferences, we came up with unique recipes that incorporate tea into a wide variety of beverages. The options range from a cup of traditional, premium, hot teas, to fancy tea cocktails, to decadently creamy afternoon teas, to ice-blended fruity teas. A part of what makes our drinks unique is the attention to detail that went into developing each recipe. Instead of having a standard build for every drink (i.e. using the same amount of additional ingredients, such as syrups, for every drink), each drink has its own special recipe that has been meticulously fine-tuned to perfection. There is no drink that is underwhelming in flavor nor overpowering. Every recipe has undergone numerous trials to strike the balance between aroma, flavor, and body to maximize your enjoyment. Taking our CocoPandan as an example, we worked constantly to develop the perfect brewing method for an all-natural pandan tea that would highlight the perfect balance of the drink’s creamy undertones and light,refreshing taste.


When composing the recipes of our beverages, we keep in mind the balance between health and taste. Just enough sugar for a delicious tea is our sweetness standard. That’s why all drinks served at Sinceretea start at 50% sweetness compared to 100% like other tea shops. Customers can also customize the sugar level to “less sweet“ (25%) or “none” (0%). Those with a sweet tooth have the option to go up a notch to “extra sweet” (75%). We also refuse to use high-fructose corn syrup and all our teas are sweetened with premium cane sugar syrup.


We believe a great cup of tea starts with high quality tea leaves. That’s why we spent two years finding the best organic jasmine green tea for all of our signature Specialties, which was carefully tested and selected from different sources in highland Taiwan. Our search for high-quality teas is always ongoing and is of utmost importance in our process of crafting of a great cup of Sinceretea.


We have curated our humble little shop to create a light and calming place encouraging everyone to come and create their own tea time moments. How do you like to take your tea? Do you enjoy leisurely sipping your tea with a good book? Sharing your favorite tea with some friends? Needing caffeine to finish up a work project? Come for a quick tea run for the office or take some time and stay awhile. Sinceretea has the perfect atmosphere for to write your own tea time moment. See you soon!

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